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Queen CORA

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MIURA Bulls’ CORA 3 yrs, a true queen (MIURA Bulls’ BLISS x MIURA Bulls’ BEN)

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BULLDOG TYPE, from The Magnificent Ten

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It is a controversial topic but most would agree that head type is a big part of it, along with a compact and muscular body.

I see sort of a blueprint across several bullbreeds.  Here are a few examples.  Are you able to see the common denominator?

Happy bulldogging to all!!


American Bulldog


American Bully


Shorty Bull


Oldie Bulldogge


English Bulldog


French Bulldog


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


American Pit Bull Terrier


American Staffordshire Terrier


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


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MIURA Bulldogs’ Legacy

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Over twenty years in the American Bulldog breed, and almost 30 with the bull breeds, all summed up in these two beautiful dogs.  The quest for perfection will never be over, but dogs like CORA and TKO make me think we are headed in the right direction…

Happy Bulldogging to all!!!

CORA (3 years) and TKO (14 months)

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12436022_1029097427148250_2047900914_n (1)





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Our dogs are all over the world, and some might think our yard is overpopulated like so many others.  Reality is, our yard is as small as they come, just queen CORA and prince TKO, the seeds of our future harvest.  Quality over quantity is always a good route, in constant pursue of that elusive perfect dog, first for ourselves and then for those who share our taste and vision…

Happy bulldogging to all!!!!

cora3yr tko14mo

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I can’t believe 20 plus years have gone by, and never one dull day with our wonderful dogs. Trial and errors, but many cherished memories, blessed at each breeding with some great representative of the American Bulldogs.

For the many friends around the world that value the MIURA line, here is a gallery of some dogs we produced (too many to post all).  Like they say, you can’t keep them all, but they all brought some joy in the life of their masters .

Happy bulldogging to all..










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My favorite dogs, but my least favorite people, which is why I tend to turn both into my pets.  Fortunately there will always be good people out there, capable of loving our dogs without using them to mask their insecurity or push their haters’ agendas.

If you are into bulldogs, and have beautiful representatives of the bull breeds, sooner or later somebody will hate on you.  In that unavoidable circumstance, simply ignore the attack.  Internet trolls feed on attention, and you definitely want to starve them to death.

Easier said then done, but I strongly advise you stick to this simple yet effective strategy.  It doesn’t mean to become silent, on the contrary continue sharing information about your beautiful dogs.  Besides gagging the haters, you will also give them an ulcer!!

Happy bulldogging to all…


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Breeders are a breed of their own, and like in any breed they come in a variety of types, ranging from the bottom feeder puppy millers to those that breed mostly for themselves and the love of their breed of choice.  Regardless, in the fortunate occurrence that you get a dogs worthy of being posted on social media, it is just right to acknowledge the Kennel they came from.  Too many people easily forget to do so, for lack of either care or a sense of respect.  In most cases, being acknowledged is the only exposure a breeders get, and a much needed help for the continuations of their program/line.  Remember, respect is the only currency that buys you respect!!

Happy bulldogging to all…

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All breeders find bumps on the road, often because not given the chance to make an educated choice on what they are using.  Finding good looking dogs is not as hard as having disclosed what they really are.  Like most of us, I fell for the BS too, but, like only a few of us, I cleaned the house afterwards.

Above, you see one American Bulldog, legendary MIURA BULLS’ BEN, and three good looking puppies that, unfortunately, are mutts.  They all were sold, along with their white or blue siblings, to people that wanted that kind of dog, regardless, and became the foundation of somebody’s program, or the claim for glory of one retard 🙂

“Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum”

I’ll let you guys figure that one out…Happy bulldogging!!

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Bulldogs are the best dogs in the world, but to find a good one we must first find a good bulldogger, and that can be tricky!  Beware of breeders that don’t welcome your questions, or fail to follow through with picture and videos.  We all are busy, but after a week or so it is okay to stamp them as FLAKES (or worse).  Don’t let anybody push a dog on you either, as most of the time it is the one they don’t want and can’t sell.  Instead of falling for that, rescue a pet at any local shelter. You’ll save some money and do a good deed.

Get a bulldog only from somebody that earned your trust and seems happy to talk to you for the love of bulldogging instead of the mighty dollar.  There are still good people out there, but you must find them, making sure to dodge dogs’ brokers and millers.

Quality over quantity is a good discerning criteria.  Get a bulldog from people that breed mostly for themselves, a guaranty in itself that you’d get a good dog, even though it often means that you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  Good things come to those who can wait…

Happy bulldogging to all!!

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Many people ask what is a bulldog, and many attempt an answer.  I’d like to offer my 2 cents, in the hope to shed some light on this controversial topic. In origin, bulldogs were bred/selected for the purpose of bull-baiting, a common practice in London and rural England until the English parliament outlawed it by passing the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835.  Bulldogs were then utilized to guard the boats docked at the banks of the Thames river, but they soon lost their new job as too many trespassers got killed.

In the attempt to mellow the original bulldogs into a companion breed, they were crossed with Pugs, originating what became the current English Bulldog. The pilgrims brought some original bulldogs to America, and crossed them with Pit Bulls, Catahoulas and other local breeds, to produce the “farm utility bulldog”, an animal intended for cattle herding, wild board hunting, property and personal protection.  The crossings greatly widened the gene pool, creating a new and very diverse breed, with several strains and types among which English White (Old Southern Whites), Classics (Johnson), Standards (Scott), later joined by Hybrids (the more common type today), Ground Ponders (a squattier, more ponderal variety), and the modern, usually smaller and more refined show type version.  So what really is a bulldog?

I’d like to say the coordinates of a utility bulldog are 3: TYPE, DRIVE, LEVELED HEAD.

TYPE: until today, it is possible to see bulldogs with mastiff, hound, pit, and, in some fortunate occasions, bulldog traits. It comes down to taste, or purpose, but it is safe to say that mastiffs, pits and hounds already exist, and that the bulldog type is the one that should be bred selectively.  Somebody smart once said: without type there is no breed.

DRIVE: a true bulldog has a inner fire that manifests without the need of any expensive training, unless we try to make them play Malinois. They were meant for sprinting, lunging, biting and holding.  Any decent bulldog will love playing with a flirt pole or a spring pole, and some of them would even go to college and fill the big shoes of the “farm utility bulldog”. True bulldogs have natural drive and live to please their master.

LEVELED HEAD: this is undoubtedly the most distinctive traits of bulldogs. Not heart, because other breeds are just as brave; not strength, or tenacity, or any other quality.  It is instead a special switch that makes them the ultimate decision makers.  True bulldogs will never transfer a bite, not even under pressure.  In other words, in the event of a home invasion, it would not be your kids to be bitten.  There are some dogs from other breeds that would be able to do the same, but most bulldogs would do it, and without any training.

CONCLUSION: true bulldogs are the unicorns on the canine kingdom, animals of captivating beauty, blessed by natural drive and able to make their own decision in a way that will exceed your expectations…well, except maybe when they decide to chew through that expensive, indestructible new dog house!!  I wish you all to be as lucky as I am and have some true bulldogs in your life…

290px-Bull_running IS THAT A BLACK BULLDOG?? images

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