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Did it ever happen to you that somebody wanted a puppy they wanted to pay for with the use of their stud, a dog you never showed any interest for?

I am confident some of you experienced this awkward situation.

Here is a basic rule of thumb, when it comes to K9 courtship:

Let others ask for your stud, and never offer to stud him as a trade for a puppy, because….ummm, you did not put aside enough money yet.

If money is the problem, you should focus on getting a better job, instead of another dog you won’t be able to properly care for.

Having dogs is a great responsibility, and requires discipline, and an honest evaluation of our life style, and what we have to offer as master of these special creatures.

Not poking at, or intending to make fun of anybody.  Just learning along the way and sharing some food for thought.

Happy bulldogging to all…

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Let’s not forget they are omnivores, and would eat anything, especially if it comes from your hands!! Better safe than sorry…Happy bulldogging to all from the MIURA camp!!


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The heat is here, and it is already taking its toll of beloved bulldogs, of any kind and color.

Get it right, fellas, bulldogs are the best dogs in the world, but their cooling system is not, therefore they need to be kept and cared for accordingly.

I know you have been told by a friend that his dogo/pit mix looking bulldog  can catch hogs and velociraptors all day long in 110+, but unless you have one of those, keep your bullies safe.

It is no rocket science?  The combo of a good kennel with cover – a good dog house – working misters – fresh water and “good old common sense” go a long way, and allows your beloved to make it through the scorchers.

MIURA American Bulldogs wishes you all, with a tail or without, a happy and safe Summer….

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I applaud Nation X

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I applaud Nation X for the re-branding effort, and I hope the boards/ owner and brass will not give in, and trade traffic for quality. I am not interested in becoming a mod, but Nation X has great potential, and I will do my part posting relevant and exciting topics… starting from now 🙂

MIURA Bulls’ TKO wants to know what you think about fasting your dogs…

Why You Should Fast Your Dog

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MIURA BULLS’ puppies timeline…

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Some of our puppies, from our foundation dogs to today…Enjoy!!

MIURA Bulls’ Beastie Girl – BEASTY of Butch Cassidy – FOUNDATION FEMALE

MIURA Bulls’ Eight Ball Black – ABE of Red Sticks – FOUNDATION MALE

MIURA Bulls’ Fauna Blue – FAUNA of Short Block Bullies (Cain x Maggie)

MIURA Bulls’ Black Beast – BLISS (Abe x Beasty)

MIURA Bulls’ Pusher (Abe x Beasty)

MIURA Bulls’ King ZODD (Abe x Beasty)

MIURA Bulls’ BOLD (Abe x Beasty)

MIURA Bulls’ GIGOLO (Abe x Fauna)

MIURA Bulls’ Bestias Nera – BEN (Abe x Beasty)

MIURA Bulls’ Black Angus – GUS (Gaucho x Bliss)

MIURA Bulls’ CRUZ (Gaucho x Bliss)

MIURA Bulls’ Jackson – JACK (Ben x Fable)

MIURA Bulls’ Hard Core – CORA (Ben x Bliss)

MIURA Bulls’ Technical Knock Out – TKO (Sixtee x Cora)


MIURA Bulls’ Black Solitaire – SOLO (TKO x Cora)






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13867004_1169775016413823_91562012_n 12459971_1029092567148736_902895516_n-2 14mo cruz IMG_0355 KingZodd3096267035_1_5_HeZbt3ei PUSHER bliss IMG_0912 JDJ_BlackElrod_Surpreme_15764541 SuperPuppy oldbulldog1

It would take you longer, but we can help!!

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Hello bullgoggers’ family,

I hope you all are having a great quality time with your four legged friends!!

I encourage you inbox me if you have good bulldogs available…

I always have more requests than puppies, so I don’t mind to help you connect.

Remember “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

I also will need to know basic information like DOB, pedigree, and how much you ask.

To make it more FUN, let’s open it to BULLDOGS and BULLIES.

Let’s see what you got…


Happy bulldogging to all!!


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Balance and good proportions are the way to go…

We all like big headed bulldogs, but any exaggeration leads to difficult births and c-sections.

We also like muscled up freaks, yet we should remember that greater muscle mass equals higher oxygen consumption, which leads to so many premature deaths among bulldogs.

This doesn’t mean that we must give up selecting for big heads and great musculature, it just means that we should always favor balance over extreme.

In the above pictures, MIURA BULLS’ Hard Core (CORA), a prime example of what an adult female American Bulldog should look like.

Happy bulldogging to all!!

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M15W4 - Copy

I confess, I got the BULLDOG BUG!  After almost 30 years of being involved with the bull breeds, I don’t see myself feeding anything else but some sort of bulldogs.  There is something magical about them, from their contagious zest for life to that perfect medium of raw power and reliability, their most distinctive trait.

Thanks to them I learned a big deal about dogs, but also about people and even myself.  I learned that leaders are always tested by initial opposition, and that, if you bring real value, those who opposed you will eventually join your followers, or scavenge over your achievements.

I realized that being able to change your mind is a sign of being focused and intelligent, instead of distracted and intellectually lazy.  Many see it as a weakness or a sign of disloyalty towards a line or a group.  I see it as the capability to admit mistakes and do what is the best for your breed or selection of choice.

Ultimately, there is no end to the pursue of that elusive perfect dog, because perfect is not a fossil but a morph that constantly evolves to mirror your growing knowledge and refined vision.  So the journey goes on, at each step closer but always aware that it will have no end…

Happy bulldogging to all!!

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Are you tired of overpriced train-wrecks, typeless/driveless bulldogs, clueless and unprofessional breeders, dogs to small to deliver or too big to function?

If you answered yes to all, you might what to stay tuned with what we have in store!!  Until then, a blessed day and happy bulldogging to all….

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