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Did it ever happen to you that somebody wanted a puppy they wanted to pay for with the use of their stud, a dog you never showed any interest for?

I am confident some of you experienced this awkward situation.

Here is a basic rule of thumb, when it comes to K9 courtship:

Let others ask for your stud, and never offer to stud him as a trade for a puppy, because….ummm, you did not put aside enough money yet.

If money is the problem, you should focus on getting a better job, instead of another dog you won’t be able to properly care for.

Having dogs is a great responsibility, and requires discipline, and an honest evaluation of our life style, and what we have to offer as master of these special creatures.

Not poking at, or intending to make fun of anybody.  Just learning along the way and sharing some food for thought.

Happy bulldogging to all…

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