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I confess, I got the BULLDOG BUG!  After almost 30 years of being involved with the bull breeds, I don’t see myself feeding anything else but some sort of bulldogs.  There is something magical about them, from their contagious zest for life to that perfect medium of raw power and reliability, their most distinctive trait.

Thanks to them I learned a big deal about dogs, but also about people and even myself.  I learned that leaders are always tested by initial opposition, and that, if you bring real value, those who opposed you will eventually join your followers, or scavenge over your achievements.

I realized that being able to change your mind is a sign of being focused and intelligent, instead of distracted and intellectually lazy.  Many see it as a weakness or a sign of disloyalty towards a line or a group.  I see it as the capability to admit mistakes and do what is the best for your breed or selection of choice.

Ultimately, there is no end to the pursue of that elusive perfect dog, because perfect is not a fossil but a morph that constantly evolves to mirror your growing knowledge and refined vision.  So the journey goes on, at each step closer but always aware that it will have no end…

Happy bulldogging to all!!

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