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Bulldogs are the best dogs in the world, but to find a good one we must first find a good bulldogger, and that can be tricky!  Beware of breeders that don’t welcome your questions, or fail to follow through with picture and videos.  We all are busy, but after a week or so it is okay to stamp them as FLAKES (or worse).  Don’t let anybody push a dog on you either, as most of the time it is the one they don’t want and can’t sell.  Instead of falling for that, rescue a pet at any local shelter. You’ll save some money and do a good deed.

Get a bulldog only from somebody that earned your trust and seems happy to talk to you for the love of bulldogging instead of the mighty dollar.  There are still good people out there, but you must find them, making sure to dodge dogs’ brokers and millers.

Quality over quantity is a good discerning criteria.  Get a bulldog from people that breed mostly for themselves, a guaranty in itself that you’d get a good dog, even though it often means that you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  Good things come to those who can wait…

Happy bulldogging to all!!

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